Saturday, May 19, 2018



1) FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), 就是卖基本需求的。这样的生意好处是很stable,当然,盈利也不高。他卖什么呢?
  • 在新加坡卖米的,人家的米还是Top Seller in Singapore “Popular proprietary brands include Royal Umbrella rice, Golden Peony rice, Gitangkim rice, Okome rice, Taj Ponni rice, Harmuni rice and oil, Golden Circle oil and Soyalite oil.”
  • 也卖Tissue,年报是这样写的 “Beautex was named in the Singapore Book of Records as the first to launch a complete range of premium and economical three-ply tissue products.”
  • 还卖豆腐,“Besides specialising in soya bean-based products such as tofu and tau kwa, Fortune Food is also the pioneer in introducing Sobe, Singapore’s first fresh, pasteurised soya milk, to the local market in 1995.”
  • 还有零食,“Socma specialises in 4 main categories: confectionery, snacks, grocery items and beverages. Some of the household brands that Socma exclusively distributes include Mentos, Chupa Chups, Smint, Fruitella, Tao Kae Noi, Tai Sun, Supernut, Mazola, Soyalite, Golden Circle, Harmuni, Indomie and Jia Duo Bao(formerly called Wong Lo Kat).”他的零食基本上是卖在马来西亚。
2) 纸箱制造 (Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd,介绍是这样写的:

Tat Seng is one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated paper packaging products listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange. With operations in Singapore, Suzhou, Nantong, Hefei and Tianjin in China, Tat Seng serves the packaging needs of various industries in Singapore and China by supplying a range of corrugated paper packaging products of different configurations and sizes.

Its customers include Multi-National Corporations and local manufacturers in food and beverage industry, electronics and electrical industry, plastic and metal stamping industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as the printing, publishers and converting industry. Over the years, Tat Seng has progressed through continuous improvement and has been maintaining a stronghold in the marketplace.

Tat Seng's key products include corrugated paper boards, corrugated paper cartons, die-cut boxes, assembly cartons and heavy duty corrugated paper products.

*基本面:业绩 (2014-2017年报)
  • Gross margin TTM 22.58%
  • Operating margin TTM 5.49%
  • Net Profit margin TTM 4.51%
  • Return on Investment TTM 7.48%
  • Quick Ratio MRQ 1.83
  • Current Ratio MRQ 2.07
  • LT Debt to Equity MRQ 0.08%
  • Total Debt to Equity MRQ 22.1%

根据Q118季报,CPS (Cash per Share)有大概有 S$ 0.71.
这是一支 net net stock,股价已经来到52周新底了,前景不错,只是老板有点吝啬,DYU只有~1%。刚读完巴非特的Ground Rule,就买入少少看看。

1) 第一批:买入价 0.225新币 (Done);
2) 第二批:低于0.22 / 0.21 (Pending).
3) 不止损
4) 长线 两年

Sunday, July 23, 2017


It has been ~2 years.. and a short update is i had returned all the gain from 2008 - 2013 to the market. Spending the pass few months to figure out what is the problem, and the conclusion is: i had made too many transection without proper assessment.



1 - 说话已经很溜
2 - 个小大人
3 - 坏习惯一大堆
4 - 有闺密
5 - 会撒手段
6 - 会撒娇


Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Doubt

When I examing my holding, 2 things. Comes into my mind:

1. Marco is having very good DY, but why the volume is always so high? Since the share price movement is also not attractive, what is the reason behind of high volume??

2. WEIDA have a lot of cash on hand, he can clear all his debt with only paying all of them with cash (of cause he won do that for the sake of future secure any project expenses). WEIDA have also a clear future plan and moving into a so call good transition, the overall business ran by WEIDA is well planned and it seem like able to cover each of them within different sectors. Why ASSAR keep disposing WEIDA at anything around 1.90-2.00?? What did ASSAR see which we haven seen??

Worth to think more, might plan on re organize my capital around my holding.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Is SUPERMAX a case of 狼来了??

Last Friday, i decided to clear all my SUPERMAX @ 2.2+. walau! so fast scare liao!! hahaha. few reason make me take this move, however, my move is not because of panic market, it is because of signal that i learn from Mr Hu, and i try to apply it, since i still have some pocket money from it. This are the reasons why i buy SUPERMAX before hand:

1. SUPERMAX is having the lowest PE at this moment with about 11, TG is running around 15 and KOSSAN is 18.

2. TG and KOSSAN start to move a bit already and left only SUPERMAX. Yesterday it closes at flat but there is a spike up to 2.2+ during lunch time.

3. Weekly volume starts to pick up in pass 3 weeks, 10 days average price start to trend up.

and my original TP for SUPERMAX is RM2.56.

I decided to clear it one shot on Friday due to:

1. Continuously 4 days OHCL (Open High Close Low).
2. Volume Shrinked significantly.
3. Politic standpoint of SUPERMAX.
4. Global Event which is getting worst off.

From the trend point of view, i buy in with volume pick up, and i have to sell it when volume shrink together with share price trended down continuously with 10 days average line also start to flip down on Friday. I would beleive the continuous red for SUPERMAX is due to over brought in the solid green bar on Monday, however, even for the gunner and 投机客,they also need to wait for T3 to force sell, so when i see the 1st red after the green couple with long upper needle line and high volume, i pretty much confirm that the big fish is disposing SUPERMX hardly, not difficult to know that one of the giant fish is the EPF, this will link to point number 3 later. The volume and share price movement for subsequent three days further makes me almost 100% sure that the up trend for SUPERMX had been interrupted.

From point number 3, after i entered SUPERMAX, i did read quite a numbers of journal regarding glove industry and SUPERMAX, and one of the point i pick up is the SUPERMAX is anti government, hahahaha. Although i haven't see any latest new on how the management team of SUPERMAX criticize the gov, the latest article that SUPERMAX complaining the government are as below, and from what EPF had been doing all the while (Keep dispose and dispose), it is really a company that hard to get the support from GOV, at least this is what i feel.













Lastly, with the recent dip on share market (for it, it is more like an over react on the market due to the fire call on Iraq from Obama). with the unstable global situation, i think it is hard to gain the confident of the investor to put their money in the share market at least for a short while, even I'm the investor that obey the Mr Market, i will also keep my money in other counter for now at least.

The quarter report for SUPERMAX will be out this month, and i quite confident that it will be a good one. However, i do believe that the share price on last Monday had reacted to the good result + the Ebola effect.

With the cash on hand, i will swap it to another counter either WEIDA or MARCO on Monday depends on the situation.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

MUDAJAYA India Power Plan Operation Timeline Get Pushed Out AGAIN???

Found this in INVESTALKS by spy008

I called Mudajaya Investor Relation on 30th July 2014 2pm++,
I have spent about 16 mins speaking with their IR, Mr. Benjamin.

I asked about the status of few projects, and these are the answers I got (I couldn't confirm all the information given to me are correct, but everything I wrote here are exactly what he meant):

1) Regarding the India Power Plant, their latest revised date for firing the 1st Power Plant is by end of 3rd Quarter (end of September). If 1st plant launched successfully, other remaining will start launching 1 by 1 (each takes 1 quarter).

**This is not a good sign **

2) Mudajaya is the "technical support" in civil for the power plant 3B that has been awarded to 1MDB - Mitsui Joint Venture. However, the size of the project has not been revealed and still undergo "tendering"/government's approval.

(This project has high chance and might be announce "soon", depending on 1MDB & Government.)

3)  He said that the Joint Venture with Mulpha is still going on, Mulpha has bought the land. However, they might "wait and see" the market. The launching might be after GST...

He said that the property market is quite quiet now...

(I was totally speechless when heard this =.='')

 4) When I asked about the 0 orderbook;

He said that he agreed that Mudajaya has 0 orderbook for quite a period of time. This is because the company strategy is rather not to get the job if the job has low profit margin/loss, as it is a waste of manpower & resources. He gave example of BinaPuri only getting 1% of profit margin. He said that Mudajaya has high profit margin among construction company. He also explained that Mudajaya can easily win several projects, for example, UiTM (Couldn't remember the name, I know is a University/College) but they chose not to tender the project as it was not profitable.

5) He further explained that the company is not sitting duck/ doing nothing while there was 0 orderbook. The CEO has been aggressively venturing into renewable energy in Indonesia/ Philippines to create recurring income.

To sum up, Mudajaya will still having tough time in the next 6 months...


Looks like the share price will still heading South for some time, wandering what the MUDAJAYA menagement is doing??

Ebola fears... SUPERMAX up 19 sen.

The Star Online:

KUALA LUMPUR: Glove-makers bucked the weaker broad market on Friday as investors saw buying opportunities amid expectations of a surge demand in gloves following the outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa.

At 11.12am, Supermax was up 14 sen to RM2.31, Kossan added nine sen to RM4.10 while Adventa gained eight sen to RM1.12 and Top Glove edged up seven sen to RM4.70.
The FBM KLCI fell 4.85 points to 1,866.51. Turnover was 864.71 million shares valued at RM564.67mil. Losers beat gainers 527 to 179 while 276 counters were unchanged.
Reuters reported Sierra Leone has declared a state of emergency and called in troops to quarantine Ebola victims, joining neighbouring Liberia in imposing controls as the death toll from the outbreak of the virus hit 729 in West Africa.

The World Health Organisation said it would launch a US$100mil response plan on Friday during a meeting with the affected nations in Guinea. It is in urgent talks with donors and international agencies to send more medical staff and resources to the region, it said.

The WHO on Thursday reported 57 new deaths in the four days to July 27 in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, raising the death toll to 729. It said the number of Ebola cases had topped 1,300.


病毒肆虐 美元升值 手套股回春 涨势难测



Up to last Friday, Supermax had up ~7.8% from by purchasing price, this was not expected for short terms. wish the disaster will end soon..