Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Doubt

When I examing my holding, 2 things. Comes into my mind:

1. Marco is having very good DY, but why the volume is always so high? Since the share price movement is also not attractive, what is the reason behind of high volume??

2. WEIDA have a lot of cash on hand, he can clear all his debt with only paying all of them with cash (of cause he won do that for the sake of future secure any project expenses). WEIDA have also a clear future plan and moving into a so call good transition, the overall business ran by WEIDA is well planned and it seem like able to cover each of them within different sectors. Why ASSAR keep disposing WEIDA at anything around 1.90-2.00?? What did ASSAR see which we haven seen??

Worth to think more, might plan on re organize my capital around my holding.

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